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Addiction Treatment Ontario CA

Fighting Addiction with A Better Today

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol you might feel like trying to quit is hopeless. Addiction rewires addict’s brains in ways that can take away their ability to choose not to engage in abuse. When an addict uses they are impacting the dopamine levels in their brains in ways that make it hard to resist the drug. Dopamine provides addicts with a feeling of euphoria and bliss that is desired to escape the harsh realities of life. Addicts use for a variety of reasons whether it be to escape the pain they experienced in their past, present or anxiety about the future. Regardless of the reasons, addicts crave drugs in ways that jeopardize their most cherished relationships and often their abuse isolates them from their loved ones, which can make them want to use more. If you want to start the process of recovery then call at (909) 237-8030.

Addiction Recovery with A Better Today

With constant drug and alcohol abuse, your mind can seem out of control. Given that, it’s important to seek help in reeling it back in. A Better Today is here to help! Our team uses cutting edge approaches in therapy to get you help. When you attempt to quit drug or alcohol abuse you are going to experience a lot of negative withdrawal symptoms and it’s best to have a team of people who are medically trained to help you with that process. ABT is passionate about making sure that people are healthy and get the treatment that they need.
When you first arrive at ABT you will undergo a detox, which will cleanse the toxins you’ve accumulated in your body through drug use. This process is two-fold as the initial cleanse takes a few days but getting your brain to regain it’s normal functioning can take about a month. After the detox, you will start the therapy part of the treatment process that’s spread out between individual and group therapy. There’s a big emphasis on 12-step groups as you learn to let go and let your higher power help you with addiction. Addiction is something that shouldn’t be fought alone; it needs to be waged within the context of community. ABT offers a loving and supportive community to help you recover.

Chose A Better Today Now!

Your recovery is not only important to you, it’s important to your whole family and friend circle. Addiction can hamper interpersonal relationships, careers and your overall health. Choosing to be healthy is a decision that will positively impact your life and the life of those whom you love. The path is not nearly as difficult when you chose to get help from a team of professionals and peers—especially when the team is as professional and passionate as ABT. If you want to get help and are tired of the ups and downs of addiction, call us at at (909) 237-8030.