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Detox & Withdrawal

Looking for Detox from Ontario, CA?

Detoxification is something that most addicts try to avoid for many reasons. First of all, drug or alcohol use can induce a sort of dream-like, euphoric getaway where they don’t have to deal with real life and detox is the complete opposite of that. You have to face the demons that you might have been running away from through drugs and alcohol abuse. Additionally, for some it is painful. Despite these negative aspects, detox is the best path towards recovery and getting your life back, which should be worth the various negative aspects associated with detox. When you get your life back it is one of the most rewarding feelings and can produce a long-term euphoria and stability that feels better than drug use. At A Better Today we offer supervised detox where you will be given medication to offset the withdrawal symptoms.

How A Better Today Can Help Your Withdrawal

At ABT we make sure to help alleviate all of the discomfort associated with detoxification. Symptoms of detoxification vary depending on the substance used and the amount of use. Some common bodily symptoms, however, include: shaking, tremors, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. The mental symptoms include but are not limited to: depression, anxiety, paranoia and hallucinations. A lot of these symptoms can be mitigated by the staff at ABT where they will provide you with the medication to deal with them.
This is why trying to quit cold turkey is not a good idea as you won’t have the medications to counter the negative components of detox. Even if someone were to get a hold of the medications needed to counter the pains of withdrawing they still need to be supervised medically because there’s no telling how the body will react to the various medications.
One of the most important things is for the person getting help to be completely forthright about their drug use and the frequency with which they used. If the person is not completely honest then there is a risk that the treatment will not be effective. It’s also important to be honest because you want to start off on a good foundation with the people who will be responsible for your care at the treatment facility. Honesty is an important part of recovery as you are stepping into a life of accountability and truth.

Detox with a Better Today

Detoxification is your path towards freedom. It is the best way to rid begin the process of living a sober life. Though it is a difficult process, it is not impossible. With will power and a safe and loving community to support you, there is hope. Your life doesn’t have to keep spiraling out of control. There are options and a great on is ABT. There are a lot of programs out there but there aren’t a lot of programs that bring the passion and professionalism of ABT. Call us now at (909) 237-8030.