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Family Intervention

Having an Intervention in Ontario, CA

Drug and alcohol abuse can have crippling effects on the person using them. They can lose their job, their sense of self and their family. It can really just destroy the person’s life in every way. But, in addition to the toll it can take on the individual, there are real effects it has on the loved ones of the addict. Often the addict isn’t even aware of the real impact he or she has on their family members. In that case, it’s important for the family to hold an intervention so the addict may realize how their actions are affecting other people and seek out help for their illness. A Better Today is a firm believer in the power of an intervention to be the road that gets the addict recovered. It is one thing to hurt yourself, it is something else to hurt others. Often addicts choose recovery after they realize that they are hurting people that they love.

The Intervention Process

Holding an intervention can be a scary thing for all people involved. There are a lot of factors involved when a family holds one as there is probably a lot of hurt felt by the family members towards the addict. It’s important that the environment for an intervention is loving and supportive yet firm. When people are hurting they can lash out and when an addict feels the shame and derision from his or her family they could spiral deeper into their addiction. Because of that, it’s suggested to hire an interventionist to help you deal with your loved one in addict. The interventionist is trained to be impartial and help the process by keeping the conversation focused and making sure that the main goal—to get the addict into recovery—is accomplished.
What an addict needs to get out of the intervention is that their actions are having a negative impact on the people whom they love. They need to know that their actions are not in a bubble but they also need to know that they are loved and supported. With love and support, the addict will feel empathy and want to stop abusing since they feel like people care about them. If the intervention is successful, the addict will go to recovery and they will hopefully become sober!

Hold an Intervention!

The best thing you can do for your loved one is be honest about your desire for them to be healthy and inform them of how their addiction is affecting your life. Most people don’t want to hurt others, no matter how tempting what their doing is. When you allow the addict to realize that they are hurting people you put them in a position to make a real change for themselves and the people they love. If you need help staging an intervention, call: at (909) 237-8030.